New pictures

Two new web albums are uploaded for your perusal, lots of photos of all the cuteness!!

New album loaded with pictures from Todd's camera
May 2007 to August 2007

New pictures added here:
August 2007

First day of School and other stuff

This week was the first day back at school for Kate and Sarah. They were very excited to go back and see all of their friends. Sarah was especially excited because this year she will be riding the bus to and from school. Here are some pictures of the girls on their first day as well as a cute picture of Juliette in one of here relatively rare waking moments.


Juliette's first Sunday

Here are some pictures of the first Sunday Juliette did not go to church. There are some pictures of the girls with Tyler and one of a lady bug that Kate captured.
Juliette's first Sunday


All three girls

Here are some pictures of all three girls. I had a really hard time getting any photos at all, let alone ones that would turn out.

Juliette Claire Jones

After Rebekah's tongue lashing, here are pics of the baby