Happy Late New Year!

Here is an update on Christmas and New Years.

Christmas went well, we had the traditional events this year. Christmas Eve we went to Amy's parents house and opened presents there. We decided not to do presents for the adults this year, and it turned out to be a lot less stressful, and took a lot less time. There were still a ton of presents and the girls had fun. The girls got some great presents like a little Disney princess table and chairs set, which they love.

Sarah got an easy-bake oven and some heelys. She loves both of those. The down part about the Heelys is that they don't allow them in potential lawsuit environments, like anywhere in public. She wore them to a bunch of places and was told that she could not use them pretty much anywhere. She doesn't wear them as much anymore, but still loves them.

Kate got a Baby Alive and was thrilled to death over that. Favorite quote "IT PEEED!!!" She also got this cool little drawing board that is clear plastic and you write on it with these neon highlighters, then light it up in the back. There are two layers, and you can alternate them so it looks a little like animation. It is pretty cool.

Christmas morning we opened presents, I got a sweet Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote control. It is a pretty sweet remote control, it can control all the devices and I can even program my DVD collection in there, so I can select a DVD from the remote control, that is pretty nice, it takes a long time to program, but in the end it is worth it.

Sarah and Kate got a really cool kitchen, oven/range/refrigerator. It is pretty nice, they like it. They also got some Wii games: Cooking Mama cookoff, and Petz Catz 2! They have fun with those.

I made cinnamon rolls and we had those in the morning, they were pretty good, then I made a turkey for dinner. It was pretty good, but it didn't get done. It was kind of last minute and late notice, so I had a hard time with that one.

On New Year's Eve, both the girls stayed up until midnight so they could bang pots and pans outside. They were very excited for that. They went to bed real soon after that. We played Clue up until midnight. Kate kept saying she wanted to take a little nap and we could wake her up at midnight. She was pretty tired.