Sarah's Phone Antics

Here is a story that is too funny not to share. This summer, Sarah has been getting quite a few phone calls from school friends. Yesterday she was on the phone with someone and we could hear what was going on because she was using the speaker. A call came in on the other line and she answered it using the flash button (without warning her friend). Here is what we heard after that:
Sarah: Hello?
Caller: Is George there?
Sarah: Yes.
Caller: May I speak to George or Amy?
Sarah: Uhhhhh....
Caller: Are they not home?
Sarah: Oh yes, they are home, I just can't take them the phone right now. (long pause)
Caller: Are they home?
Sarah: Yeah, but I can't....wait, I almost can........Flush.......OK, I can take it to them now.
Caller: (muffled laughter)

George and I were dying because we heard the whole thing from the next room. Seriously, kids are so funny sometimes!

Jamie and "HohK"

We love to watch "So you think you can dance!" as a family. The girls enjoy it, the parents enjoy it, it is an all around fun time. If you have watched the show you know about the "French" host Cat Deeley and her little accent.

Well one of the Jidges, referred to one of the contestants named Hok (pronounced like hawk). Kate started laughing and said "He said Hawk, but it is Hohk" She said Hohk, just like the host says it with her thick accent (it is british, the french thing is an inside joke to those who watch the show). It was really funny, because she imitated it perfectly. This was last week.

Last night, it was on again, and before the girls got in the bath, they got into Amy's jewelry, and that is not a good thing in our household. So amy told them that they had to go straight to bed and they would not be able to watch the show. Kate of course started crying, saying she wanted one more chance, etc. and that she wanted to watch Jamie and "Hohk." But she said it with the accent while she was crying, it was all I could do not to bust out laughing. The girls both won us over of course and we caved, so they could watch the show. They are very into it, know all the contestant names, and the judge's names. They always pretend to be one of the dancers and try to replicate their moves for us. It is really fun.

Everyone wants to be a fluff...

What is so interesting to me is that I can come up with these great titles to the blog posts without having to think at all. I just take what the girls say and make it the title of the blog. As you know, Sarah and Kate are very silly. They are always trying to be silly and make us laugh. The other day, they were sitting at the dinner table singing silly songs. They were singing this one song where they sang, "Everyone wants to be a (insert silly thing here)." Kate knows what is supposed to be funny, things like farts and "fluffs" for the more dainty folk are a constant angle. So she started singing: "Everybody wants to be a fluff!" then she would look over at us to see if we were laughing yet. Not wanting to be crude, rude, and unrefined, we tried to hold it together, but she kept at it.

The farty box

She kept singing that, then she added, "...and get up on stage with their farty box and dance around!" Amy lost it and started laughing, and once she did, I lost it and started laughing. The look on Kate and Sarah's faces was classic! Kate had this surprised triumphant look, the kind that says "I knew it! I knew farts were funny. I can't believe I got my parents to laugh at me singing about farts!" So her and Sarah started going off singing about how everybody wanted to be a fluff and get on stage with their farty boxes. We were all laughing so hard, there wasn't much singing, but it was classic. They were both cracking up sooo bad. I wish we could have gotten it on video, because it was hilarity at its finest.

Can I touch your body?

Ok, so this is a really good story. I thought it was pretty funny. Amy wants to get a new SUV before the baby comes. I don't really like SUVs, but I like the new GM platform, so we went down to Carmax to test drive a couple. The first one we drove was a white Chevy Tahoe. It was nice, but it felt really cheap, or cheaply made. It was white and looked a little bit like the one pictured here. It had a third row seat which got the girls really excited, they wanted to ride in the very back. I didn't really like it that much, it was kind of expensive and it was the very base base model, so none of the conveniences, except the odometer/trip meter/computer was pretty cool. It would tell you all sorts of things. I did like that feature. Then we took out a white GMC Yukon, which is the same vehicle, but more expensive and "nicer." It had a bigger engine, that is for sure, but I still wasn't thrilled with it, I guess you have to get the super-dee-duper ones to have one that you can be happy with, except they cost $55,000.
The Yukon looks similar to this. I like the look of the yukon better, but it still wasn't that impressive.

So when we were driving the Yukon, the Carmax dude was sitting in the second row and Kate wanted to sit in the second row this time. She was sitting there and kind of looking up at the dude, then out of nowhere, she says "Can I touch your body?" Very innocently. She obviously didn't mean anything by it, but it was very funny. We didn't quite know how to respond to it. The guy changed the subject, but it was one of those "You had to be there!" moments. We were laughing pretty hard about it for a while.