Sarah LOSES her first lost tooth.

In a sad turn of events, that I forgot to post last time. Sarah actually lost her tooth after she had lost it from her mouth. She wanted to put it in a tooth pouch, but we didn't have one, so she put it in a baggie, and she went upstairs to put it under her pillow. I heard sobbing from upstairs so I went to check and she was crying: "I lost my tooth..." She wanted to wash it off with her toothbrush before putting it under her pillow, and she dropped it down the sink. I opened the sink to see if it was in the trap, but it wasn't, the tooth is pretty small and hollow, so it just flushed right down the sink. So she didn't have a tooth to put under her pillow, so there was nothing to trade with the tooth fairy. :(


Sarah loses her first tooth!

Here is Sarah's first lost tooth. It is pretty small and hollow...
Here is what her smile looks like now. She had a tooth growing in behind her loose one, instead of underneath it. She has a few other loose teeth and I think she will have lost all her front primary teeth by Christmas. Only one question remains... will she still have an extra tooth???
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New happenings

There have been a couple of cool things that we have pictures for.Sarah had a Jog-a-thon at school...

...and she jogged 31 laps, which was pretty good!

This is a picture of her at the jog-a-thon with Amy and Juliette tucked inside barely visible
Sarah had a friend over, Rose.
Juliette is growing...
...and chillin...
...and playing Lucky Ducks.
But she mastered that and is now too cool to play that game.

So she wanted to eat some cereal...
Which she learned from her big sister

Here is Sarah playing PerfectionAmy had a performance at a formal dinner, so we got dolled up.

It was fun. Good night.


Sarah and Kate's Sleepover

Last Friday night the girls each had a friend over to spend the night. Sarah invited her friend Makayla and Kate invited Paige. The evening was supposed to start around 5:00 pm when I planned to go and pick up Makayla from her house and George would be picking up Kate and Paige from preschool. Anyway, Sarah and Makayla made other plans and decided that Makayla would wait for the bus at school with Sarah so they could start the party a little early. Coincidentally, Sarah's bus was late that day, so it was not until after Makayla's mom had been to the office (and everywhere else except the bus area) looking for her that they came to the office to see what was going on with the bus. So, it was about half an hour after school was over that I got a call from the office that Sarah and Makayla were there waiting for me!! I was in the middle of the final prep for the party, and was expecting that Sarah would be arriving home any minute, and this totally stressed me out because I thought for sure that there had been a miscommunication and that I really was supposed to pick them up. Luckily, my mom was on her way over and came to stay with Juliette (who had just started her nap) and work on getting the
bedroom ready for the party. Thanks, mom!! Thanks dad, too!! So I went to pick up the girls and after talking to Makayla's mom I found out that I was right about the plan and that the girls just decided to make a new one without telling us. So, we got home and I finished cleaning up their room and the evening went much more smoothly from there. All the girls played upstairs with dolls and dress-up stuff before dinner. Then they all ate pizza. After dinner, everyone decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles. Of course, Kate had more icing than cookie in most cases. Cookie decorating took up a surprising amount of time, so pretty soon they all put on pajamas and watched a movie. After the movie, everyone except Kate was pretty tired, so they all went to bed. Makayla and Sarah were asleep by 11pm but Kate and Paige were up talking and laughing until all hours of the night. In the morning, they all chose their own toppings for their "baggie eggs" as we like to call them. We all had a great time.

10-2007 sleepover

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Kate and Juliette

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Here are some pics of Kate and Juliette that didn't get posted. They are a couple weeks old, but still cute!

Tyler's Haircut

Our nephew Tyler looks so cute with his new haircut! He came over yesterday to show it off and was just as proud as can be. Tyler is three years old and will be starting preschool very soon.
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