3 reasons why that is not ok.

Last night, we were sitting at the table after a long evening of being busy, and Amy was telling me about how the High School girls are extremely immodest with their winter gowns. Apparently a coworker of hers lives by Granite Bay High School and witnessed all the high school girls wearing dresses and skirts that were so short their butts were hanging out. Kate was sitting/climbing on one of us and said "There are three reasons why you shouldn't say that! One, that is a bathroom word, two, you should always wear a skirt that fits you, and you shouldn't stick your butt out." I tell you, that girl is quick witted. The other night, she was making a lot of noise and not going to sleep, and I told her that if I heard so much as a loud breath from her, I was turning out the lights and closing the door. Immediately she said,

"Do hiccups count?"
"No, good night Kate!"

She rattled those off so fast, it caught me off guard. I had to run out of the room before I started laughing.

Tuesday night, Kate spent the night at a friends house and Sarah wanted to play Lego's so I grudgingly agreed :) She stayed up until about midnight playing with them. We had fun pretending I was the horse, and she was the knight saving princesses, and she was so nice and gave me lots of hay and played the piano for me while I was resting.

When it was late, I could tell she was getting tired, but I guess it is against her principles to ever say she is tired and go to bed of her own free will. So I said she could stay up for five more minutes and after a little bit she asked me how long it had been, and I said "3" then she went and set the timer for two minutes. The second the timer rang, she said "OK, good night, I am going to bed." Then she went upstairs and was asleep probably before she even got covered up. It was pretty cute because it is always a battle to get them to go to bed.

I took a picture of what she built. She wanted to build a lot of different things, mostly princess/barbie stuff, but I don't have any pink Legos, so we settled on Orthanc tower from Lord of the Rings. She wanted to do the battle at Helm's Deep, but I didn't have enough grey or white bricks to do that one. Here it is.


Cute girls Holiday 2007 Edition





We took all three girls to get their pictures taken on Saturday, as part of what turned out to be one of our most hectic days ever. It was all worth it, though, to get these great shots.
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Finally some smiley baby pics!

Juliette has been smiling for a long time now and has even treated us to a few belly laughs. Up until now, every time I have gotten out the camera to capture a smile, she has suddenly put a very serious look on her face. Yesterday, I was finally able to get a few pictures of her while she was in a silly mood. As far as her current milestones are concerned, she started rolling from tummy to back yesterday, which seemed to make her very happy. She is also getting very good at using her hands. Oh, and people probably won't believe this one, but I think she knows who the words "Mommy" and "Daddy" refer to. George and I were sitting on the couch with her and I asked her where Daddy was and she looked over at him. When he asked her where Mommy was, she looked over at me. She did this repeatedly. I know, I know, everyone will say we are mistaken, but I really think she knows.