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1. Who's your man? George Benjamin Jones
2. How long have you been together? Our 10th anniversary is next week, December 6th.
3.How long dated? We dated for a few months, then were "friends" for about two years, then dated for another few months before getting married.
4. How old is your man? 28
5. Who eats more? He does
6. Who said "I Love You" first? George did.
7. Who is taller? He is much taller.
8. Who sings better? Uh, me.
9. Who is smarter? This is an ongoing debate between George and I.
10. Who's temper is worse? Definitely mine. He hardly ever gets angry.
11. Who does the laundry? We both do.
12. Who does the dishes? We both do.
13. Who pays the bills? Mostly George, but I pay some too.
14. Who is better with the computer? Uh, George is.
15. Who mow's the lawn? We have a gardener.
16. Who cooks dinner? George is the resident cook and I am not complaining!
17. Who drives when you are together? George does.
18. Who pays when you go out? It varies.
19. Who is most stubborn? He is.
20. Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? We are both pretty good about this
21. Who's parents do you see the most? Mine- we live close to them and his are in Washington and Brazil
22. Who kissed who first? George kissed me first, but it sure took him long enough!
23.Who asked who out? I asked him out first
24. Who proposed? George did
25. Who is more sensitive? Hands down, definitely me
26. Who has more friends? Probably him
27. Who has more siblings? George has six and I have two
28. Who wears the pants in the family? We both do- we pretty much make decisions together and agree most of the time
29.How did you meet? When he moved here some girls decided that they would have a contest to see who would get him to be their boyfriend first. I thought this was lame so I introduced myself and foiled their plans.....

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3 months old

Here is a pic we took of Juliette a few days ago. She is really growing up and is learning to use her hands to grab things and play with her toys. She is very easy-going and happy pretty much all of the time. I can't believe that she is over three months old!!



Halloween Festivities-2

On Halloween night, Sarah and Kate went trick-or-treating with their cousin Tyler. We stayed out longer than ever before and the kids came home with an unbelievable amount of candy. At one house, Sarah told the person handing out the candy that Tyler was her husband. Kate got a very funny look on her face and then she said "No, he is not really her husband, it is just a costume!!" It was fun to watch the kids interact and show their unique personalities. Sarah was not about to miss out on any candy and walked right into even the spookiest of doorways. Kate was all about the decorations, taking her time to really check them all out and even asking some people about how they turn on or off, etc. Kate was a little reluctant to walk up to some of the spookier houses, but she always braved it in the end.
Juliette did not dress up this year, but she was still festive in her animal print outfit. She seemed to enjoy the night time walk and was very happy the whole night.
My mom made this great spider cake and a special cupcake for each of the kids. Sarah and Kate had kitty cupcakes and Tyler had a bat. This picture was taken right before we demolished the cake.
Uncle Pideon did not trick-or-treat this year, so he came over to get food and candy from us, of course. That is fine, we love him and if we have to bait him with food, candy and football to come over, then so be it.
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Halloween Festivities-1

The girls have been excited for halloween this year, so when it was finally time to carve the jack-o-lanterns they were ready to go. I have a thing about the smell of pumpkin innards, it is one of a few smells that make me want to vomit (sorry, TMI...). Anyway, Kate and Sarah cut open their pumpkins and scooped out the insides, they did a good job. Juliette watched them the whole time and was very interested in what they were doing. Sarah worked very hard on her jack-o-lantern and she carved it all by herself. Kate needed a little help with the carving, but she did all of the tracing of the design and the prep work by herself.

Here is a picture of "Super Girl" Sarah in her Halloween parade at school. All of the kids looked great and they had fun marching with the drumline from Granite Bay HS. Since Little Orchard Preschool does not celebrate specific holidays, Kate did not get to wear her costume to school, but she still looked festive!!
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