We went camping about a week ago. It was fun. Let me run down the highlights with you.

We started off leaving about 7 hours late. Oh yes, we brought enough stuff to survive in the wilderness for several months.

On the way there, we had a barf-a-bration. The girls will never forget it. It was right by Bridal Veil Falls, but we didn't know that until the return trip home because it was pitch black out and on the side of the freeway. Later, Juliette commented, "Here comes the barf." It was sad.

We finally got to camp and had to set up in the dark. I brought an electric pump with a car adapter for the air mattresses, but they were not the correct wattages. They didn't work. We luckily had a hand pump, and I am good at hand pumping.

It was pretty fun once we got camping. Juliette "Loves June bugs." Kate was terrified of the pit toilets and Sarah swam across the lake twice. There was a bear who destroyed the campsite across from us the first night, he was back the second night.

We also had a little Dora-type adventure to "pee-rock, fork and chopsticks, dog treeeeeeee!!!!"

One of the days, Juliette played in the sand for hours and when we got back to camp after she threw a massive fit, I sat her in the inflatable raft and she fell asleep. I also got a picture of her that reminds me a little of someone in the family... I am sure you can guess who.


Amy said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. I love the picture of Juliette sleeping in the raft. That is priceless. She looks so much like Sarah.

Reuel and Ana said...

she looks so much like rebekah. I guess she looks like the family. cant wait to see here and hug her.

Rebekah said...

Oh how cute!!! Great highlights and cute pictures. I am sure the girls will remember that trip. Remember our ward campout where the bear came in the middle of the night? No one saw him, they just HEARD him??? Yeah, we all know who that was (ahemm, dad). We are going campin' this weekend, wish us luck.

Alison said...

Too funny! A comedy of errors! I love the pic of Juliette asleep in the boat.

Natasha said...

to cute glad you had fun miss you tons