25 Random Things

This was a Facebook tag that I just completed, so I thought I might as well make a blog post out of it.

1. I am deathly afraid of spiders.
2. I dream about chemistry almost every night.
3. When I am not dreaming about chemistry I usually have dreams about dancing.
4. I regret giving up dancing when I was 18.
5. My 17 month old daughter just counted to ten and I wasn't all that surprised.
6. I am married to a genius.
7. I am smarter than my husband :)
8. I am afraid to go to the mountains if I am pregnant.
9. All of my best friends from childhood have left me here, alone, in California.
10. I love Cal with every fiber of my being. GO BEARS!!!
11. I have a hard time making myself go to bed at a reasonable hour.
12. I don't believe in giving talismanic power to words.
13. I can only play the guitar part in GHWT on medium but I can sing on Expert
14. I laughed so hard at the nanerpus commercial for Dennys during the Super Bowl that I cried
15. I am obsessed with Gymboree clothing
16. I am about to be a Great Aunt just about any day now
17. I still intend to get a PhD in chemistry
18. My daughters all share names with characters on LOST (unintentionally! I am not quite THAT geeky!)
19. I really am very geeky.
20. My babies are growing up and it is making me a little sad.
21. I am not afraid to get old.
22. I am somewhat afraid of ending up alone.
23. I like to eat junk food at night in bed while I read and it drives my Husband CRAZY.
24. My husband first confessed his love for me at Home Depot when I was engaged to someone else and under the impression that George was not interested in me.
25. George dumped me after we dated for a few months way back during our Junior year in HS and I acted like I didn't care but I could not even go to school that day and even though it got better I did not go a day without thinking of him even up until the day he told me not to marry someone else because I should marry him. Good times....


Reuel and Ana said...

#20 is esay to fix.

Amy said...

Easy for YOU to say, Grandpa in Brazil!! :)

Jamie said...

Interesting stuff! Those were crazy soap opera times when you and George were unknowingly in love with each other.

Amy said...

Ha ha, Jamie, you would know better than anyone else!

Natasha said...

seriously good times wow that brings me back.